Wii Fit Plus: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

So you have seen commercials for Wii Fit, and it looks very interesting. I know this for a fact because the commercials are what lead me to purchase the game. I was not able to see a review prior to purchasing, but I do not regret purchasing this game. It is fun for the whole family, and you can stay in shape!

Your own workout routines

With this game, you can create your own workout routines, while setting a goal to achieve within a set period. This would include a mix of balance, cardio, strength, and even yoga games. All of the games, if performed correctly, will burn a set amount of calories. Prior to playing any games, the Wii will ask you to step on the balance board so they can record your height, weight, and BMI. After this is determined, they will show you if you are under, over, or at par with your current weight. You then set a goal, between one week and one year, to lose or gain a set amount of weight. Then they will suggest which workouts would be best for Weight Loss.Your own workout routines

A really fun part of the game are the balance games. This requires you to shift your weight on the balance board in order to maintain good balance and posture. Although these games are really fun, they are difficult and will show you how poor or great your posture is. I have a lot of difficulty on these games, because although I am at a good weight for my height and age, my balance is way off! After doing several balance games along with your body test, you will get a Wii Fit Age. This is how old your body is based on your weight/height and balance. For example, I am 22 years of age and my Wii Fit age is 39. This means my body is much weaker than it should be.

This game offers an excellent way to monitor your weight and your progress. Even if you workout outside of the game, you can track your weight loss or gain and adjust your eating and workout habits if you aren’t seeing the results you want. By taking the body test everyday, you are presented with a graph of your progress. So far, I have lost about 5 pounds within a month of owning the game. They make suggestions such as cutting back on snacking, and eating foods higher in fiber. Overall, this game will improve your balance and strength.

Now that you have seen the good parts of the game, there are a few flaws. Besides the many games, which do burn calories, workout routines are limited to about 20 strength and 20 yoga workouts. Some of these are difficult because they require balance and unless your balance board is on hard flooring, the carpet can make it seem like your balance is off even though it may not be. Don’t get me wrong, the strength workouts such as the tricep extensions do work, because I have been doing them for 3 weeks with great results.

Another flaw is the multiplayer system. There are currently only 9 games in which you can compete against your friends in. I believe that the game would be a lot more interesting if you could have a workout partner, and with them only offering 9 games to play with your friends, most of your working out would be alone. I like to think about going to the gym. It is always good to go with a friend, but can be very boring alone. I am not saying the game is boring to play alone, but if more games were available for multiplayer, I believe I could work out for a longer period of time.

Overall, the game is full of fun and challenges that will have you hooked for hours. If you are anything like me, you will wake up wanting to get a morning workout in before school or work, and think about the game while you aren’t home. It is very addictive and you can lose a lot of weight!

Easy Weight Loss

Stay in Shape

Get in Shape and Stay in Shape

Easy weight loss can be as simple as a personal plan to get in shape and stay in shape. It really isn’t that hard to achieve. If you set the right goals for yourself, you can achieve easy weight loss and get into shape within a few weeks. But like anything else in life, it depends on how much you really want it. That doesn’t mean you have to make enormous sacrifices, but you do have to make a few, including diet and exercise.

Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise, when done in a common sense way, not only helps you lose weight in 2 weeks or more and get into shape, but it can make a tremendous difference in the way you feel. We are what we feel. If we feel tired, lazy and not up to snuff, it affects the way we live and interact with others. Therefore, jumping into excessive dieting and rigorous exercise can make us feel even worse and ultimately, we end up worse off than when we started.

The best diet plan is to simply cut portions. If your morning meal normally includes a muffin and coffee/tea, with cream and sugar, eat only a third of the muffin and cut back on the cream and sugar. If you typically indulge in a midmorning snack of say, a bag of chips and a soda, eat only a third of the chips and drink less of the soda, or choose a less sugary drink. Follow the same for your evening meal and snacks.

Blood pumping

Start your exercise with something as simple as a brisk walk. You don’t even have to leave your house. Walk briskly around your house for about twenty to thirty minutes. And stairs, if you have them, are a great way to get the blood pumping.

Blood pumping

Increase your exercise

In doing this, you will lose those first few pounds, giving you the incentive to go further. Increase your exercise and make healthier food choices. But keep the commonsense attitude. Extreme diet and exercise can lead to frustration and failure. Easy weight loss means just that- EASY. It’s a physical law. If you consume less, you lose weight. If you move around, more than usual, your muscles will become more toned.

Easy weight loss, along with getting into shape and staying in shape, can be achieved by simple common sense. Start with merely cutting back calories and slowly increasing your activity. When you begin to see and feel the results, don’t go off the deep end and jump into an extreme diet and rigorous exercise program. Just keep up what you’re doing, steadily changing your diet and increasing your exercise until you fall into a healthy, common sense routine.

Wii Fit Plus – Getting Fit Playing Games

Getting Fit Playing Games

On the back of the run away success of “Wii fit” it was obvious a follow up was going to be released and in late 2017 that’s exactly what Nintendo did with “Wii Fit Plus”, but how does it compare to the original? In fact for many thinking about upgrading the question about whether or not it’d even be worth it must be one on their mind so lets take a look at it. Available both with, or with out the Wii Balance board, lets just take it that you’ve already got the Wii balance board (though the package of the board and game is £85 from Play.com or $99.99 from Amazon.com). The game adds several new things to the original Wii fit but lets just remind everyone what the Wii Fit concept is.

Wii Fit Plus

The idea of Wii Fit

Effectively aimed at parents of overweight kids who “sit in front of the TV playing games all day” the idea of Wii Fit was to combine games and exercise together to get kids up and burning calories whilst having fun playing games. Though the game seemed to be a run away success and much like the Wii it’s self, seemed to gain massive cross appeal with those of a varying age group, even those who have manage to avoid video games for 20 years found themselves playing and even enjoying the Wii Fit. A mainstream acceptance of the game and it’s methods seemed to make it the run away gaming success and caused shops to sell out of the game and board causing it to be not only a sell out but also in huge demand.

Other fit-games

The original however seemed limited, the fun “games” weren’t very numerous and the game seemed to rely on too heavily on too little and this was obviously a place in which the follow up could obviously Improve, more games, more replay-ability and more importantly more “fun”. There was no point in having the fantastic concept that the Wii Fit had if it was only ever going to be a short term flash in the pan, if there wasn’t the long term appeal the “fun” brings then it was bound to fail. For some it had failed, there was only about 9 “games” and even some of them just weren’t fun, it was a brilliant idea but badly done and the kids were sitting back down on the couch 2 weeks later. Wii Fit Plus solved this by adding many more games most of which actually were fun, with 15 games (plus the original content) this meant there was more fun. Games like “Snowball fight”, “Skateboard Arena” and “Segway Circuit” are complete proof of just how the Wii Balance board can have fun games made for it. The fact that these are fun and scores are recorded means that you can compete against family members and friends which everyone having their own profile, allowing them to track their own weight loss and exercise time. To some of the older players it’s this “profile” and recording system that makes the game such a vital purchase, to see how your exercise helps you lose weight. In fact whilst the original had this concept this upgrade goes one step further and allows you to set targets of calories to burn so you can eat certain snacks.

For those like myself who thought the original lacked the longevity (even if it did have originality) this is a perfect option for those wanting to lose weight whilst playing games. 

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